NOTE: Register early and save $15! To avoid class cancellations due to last minute registrations, IRWA will start implementing a late registration fee. Registering for class at the last minute results in classrooms that are too small, not enough material to hand out, and other inconveniences. Plus, what about that doughnut count?! Most importantly, certain classes need a minimum of 20 students registered for the class two weeks prior to the training date because our trainers need to book airline tickets. Classes that potentially could have met the required 20 students are being cancelled because people are waiting until the last minute to register. To reduce class cancellations and ensure these trainings remain available, we need students to register for the classes in advance. Please help us continue to offer as many trainings as possible by registering at least two weeks prior to the training. Thank you!

ATTENTION: The Idaho Bureau Of Occupational Licenses recently made changes to how they administer their water and wastewater exams. To view these changes and schedule an exam, please visit the IBOL website.


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