Services for Public Drinking Water Systems

It is IRWA’s goal to help Public Water Systems and their Operators provide quality water to Idaho’s rural areas, to increase statewide knowledge of system management and regulation, and to improve the cooperation, preparedness, and success of Idaho’s water personnel.

How can IRWA help your water system?

IRWA employs two very knowledgeable drinking water circuit riders that travel the entire state of Idaho to help systems with the following:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Line locating
  • Leak detection
  • Technical advice
  • Training and exam preparation
  • Board education
  • Locating funding
  • Sampling assistance
  • Sampling site plans
  • Preparing for sanitary surveys or correcting deficiencies
  • Use of equipment through our loan program
  • And much more!

Our circuit riders will pay your system a visit, or provide advice via email or phone correspondence. Call or email us today with any questions.

Resources for Drinking Water Operators

Training Calendar: Sign up to get your CEU’s with IRWA! We offer classes in each region of the state throughout the year. Become a member and receive substantial discounts on training classes.

Public Water System Switchboard: This is a great resource for public water systems. Find tools to assist with water samples, CCR’s, Sanitary Surveys, find an operator for hire, check regulations and guidance templates, and much more!

Cross Connection Control Program: Need help meeting Idaho rules regarding Cross Connection Control Programs for Public Water Systems? We can provide all the resources you need to implement a program that will keep you in compliance.

Emergency Planning: Join IdWARN! A free, no-obligation emergency response network. IdWarn is based on the concept of “utilities helping utilities” respond to emergencies that might interrupt drinking water or wastewater services. Or visit our Emergency Response page for  more resources, including Emergency Response Plan templates.

Cyanotoxins in drinking water: This is an emerging concern for drinking water systems, especially surface water systems. Check out our links on the Emergency Response page for more information!

DEQ’s Drinking Water Program: Find information on public water system requirements, classifications, tips and guidance, emergency preparedness, resources, and more.

Operator Licensing FAQ: Scroll through these links to find more information on licensing in Idaho.

Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licensing: Find out how to become a licensed operator in Idaho, or get signed up for your next exam with the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licensing.

DEQ’s News and Events

AWWA Regulation and Legislative News

Brochures and Flyers: Educate your utility users regarding their public system and safe home practices.


Obtain Funding For Your System

Rural Water Loan Fund through National Rural Water Association

Loans and Grants through USDA Rural Development

Public Water System Planning Grants through DEQ

Public Water System Construction Loans through DEQ


Drinking Water Regulation

Lead in Drinking Water

Revised Total Coliform Rule 

Legislative guidelines and status of rule-making for harmful algal blooms and cyanotoxins

Idaho Rules for Public Water Systems

EPA’s Drinking Water Regulations  

EPA’s Contaminant Candidate List: A list of Currently unregulated contaminants that may require regulation in the future.

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