Water and Wastewater Resources for Kids

Links for more fun!

Lesson Plans

DEQ’s Kid’s Activities

Home Energy Conservation for KidsThanks Amanda and Debbie DiBiase’s class!

Boise Watershed Video for Teachers!

Groundwater Fun – National Ground Water Association (NGWA) Children’s website

EPA’s Drinking and Groundwater Kids StuffGames & Online Activities

EPA’s Environmental Kids Club: Info on air, water, plants and animals, garbage and recycling.

EPA Student SiteWater projects for students and teachers.

U.S. Department of Agriculture for Children, Parents and TeachersPlenty of features on this site–weather, food, safety, science, conservation.

Water Conservation for KidsSaving resources, shaping habits and water conservation for kids.

Groundwater Foundation Kids Corner: Learn about Groundwater and why it is so important.

U.S. Geological Survey for KidsU.S. Geological Survey’s Water Science for Schools.

National Science FoundationLearn about new discoveries and science for kids.

NASA’s Kids Space: View Rivers from space and much more!

Library of Congress for Kids: America’s Library–fun site for kids and families.

White House for Kids

Rivers Viewed From Space

National Parks Conservatory

Discovery Channel for Kids

Animal Planet

PBS Kids

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