May 31, 2017

With great concern surrounding President Trump’s proposed budget, we at IRWA have been hard at work to help secure USDA Rural Development (USDA-RD) water and wastewater loan and grant funding. We’ve done this by meeting with our congressional delegation, gathering case studies, going to town hall meetings, and reaching out to you, our members, for assistance. Your letters of support are a vital component of keeping this funding available to rural water and wastewater systems nationwide.

Thanks to your involvement and to the work done by NRWA and other rural water associations across the country, the fiscal year 2017 budget released by Congress included full funding for USDA-RD’s loan & grant program. This funding will keep the program going through September 30, 2017, but the fight is far from over. The fiscal year 2018 budget that begins in October may still eliminate all USDA-RD water and wastewater loan and grant program funding, per the President’s request.

The President’s budget for 2018, released last week, proposes total elimination of the Rural Economic Development program. While this is only a suggestion and the decision is ultimately up to Congress, it is now up to all of us to keep our legislators and the public informed on just how vital this program is to rural communities. You can help us do this by sending a letter of support for the USDA-RD loan & grant program to IRWA, if you haven’t already. Please call the IRWA office at (208) 343-7001 for a template to help get you started.

We are so grateful for our committed and passionate members, who go above and beyond to keep their communities safe and healthy. Thank you again for your incredible support and hard work. If you’d like to learn more about how IRWA and NRWA are working to protect the USDA-RD program, you can find helpful information below.

NRWA Statement on 2017 Budget

NRWA released a statement on May 8th summarizing the 2017 Budget Agreement passed by Congress. The statement also outlines the benefits of the program and addresses NRWA’s hopes for the future.

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City of Filer Fights Arsenic Levels

IRWA spotlights the community of Filer, Idaho, and how it relies on USDA-RD funding, along with several other funding sources, to protect public health.

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City of Hazelton in Need of Infrastructure Overhaul

The City of Hazelton is counting on USDA-RD funding to help repair and replace its crumbling water infrastructure – a water system that puts local residents at risk.

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