IRWA Helps Emmett High School Seniors Better Understand River Ecology

June 19, 2018

Seniors from Emmett High School recently attended a field trip to Wilson Creek for the purpose of gaining better understanding and insight of river ecology and its relationship to our environment. This field trip was a cooperative effort between Emmett High School, Idaho DEQ, U of I Extension, Idaho Rangeland Resources Commission, Trout Unlimited and Idaho Rural Water Association.

Students gathered to complete their “Trout in the Classroom” project by releasing trout into Wilson Creek before breaking up into groups and visiting five stations manned by agency personnel who are experts in the field. Each station addressed different aspects of habitat and river health that included plant inventory, water chemistry, groundwater chemistry, aquatic insect identification and river function and health. With guidance, students conducted tests themselves, thus gaining a better understanding of their local environment.

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