A Cross Connection Control Manual is required. If you already have a manual, bring it with you. Otherwise, you must purchase one for $100.

This training is limited to 10 students, register today!

This training will be held at the Ketchum/Sun Valley Wastewater Facility.

Idaho Rural Water is proud to announce its partnership with Northwest Backflow Educators to bring you this hands-on class! Since partnering with Northwest Backflow Educators at the start of 2019, we have had overwhelming positive feedback from attendees. In response to your requests, we are excited to bring you this training for the Fall!

This 40-hour course meets criteria required by the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses to obtain a Backflow Assembly Tester’s License. You may also take the course for 32 hours of either drinking water or wastewater credits, or for 32 hours of plumbing credits.

Northwest Backflow Educators would like to deliver this short message to Idaho’s Operations Specialists:

“Northwest Backflow Educators is your premier cross connection control training provider. We are dedicated to providing the industry with a complete educational resource regarding backflow prevention and testing.

We provide training for the plumbing, fire sprinkler and landscape irrigation trades. We also provide training for state, city, industrial and institutional professionals. We provide additional backflow assembly repair classes, recertification courses and customer support.

At Northwest Backflow Educators we teach using the USC-FCCCHR 10th Edition Cross Connection Control Manual. This manual is recognized around the world for its easy-to-understand text, illustrations and thoroughness. If you like it as much as we do, it is available for students to purchase at a discounted price.

Our lab tables are spill resistant and state-of-the-art. We believe hands-on beats lecturing every time. We can simulate 16 individual (and many more combination) failures at your personal work station.

We believe that no student in a full class should ever have to share a test bench, so classes are limited to 12 students. Our standard operating practice is six students per instructor. If the class gets full, no problem! We can just add another class.

Our Mid-West 845-5 lab gauges are in current calibration and are well maintained.

Be prepared to be fully engaged in your class. You will use all your senses and will draw from your experiences.

Our repair classes are hands-on, so you get to disassemble your favorite assembly and see how it functions. With over 50 years combined experience in the cross connection control field we have many tips tricks and skills to share that will make your job easier and less stressful.

We have real world experience to go with our knowledge. We have implemented Cross Connection Control Programs for communities of all sizes, from a city with over 80,000 citizens to an HOA with 40 homes. We recently implemented a turn-key cross connection control program for a research university with over 600 assemblies and over 20,000 students. Both of our instructors have owned and operated their own successful cross connection control testing companies. One of our instructors is also a water distribution operator, so we know the challenges you face every day and will be glad to share our experiences with you.

The professional staff at IRWA and Northwest Backflow Educators are here to assist you with whatever your backflow needs may be. We look forward to working with you!”

Event Details

18 Nov 2019 - 22 Nov 2019
Time: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Price: $650
110 River Ranch Rd, Ketchum, ID, USA

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