0.6 Water or Wastewater | Valid for Pumps & Motors

John Schwartz from USA BlueBook will conduct an excellent training about pumps and motors.

Subjects to be discussed during this training:

Centrifugal Pump Class Overview

Every system works with pumps.

This day long class will identify, educate or provide a review of pump classifications such centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps and many more.  We’ll review how to best select a new pump and will go over reading pump curves. As well as reviewing horsepower math for calculating pump and motor efficiencies.

In this class we will include knowledge of essential parts, maintenance, and troubleshooting on several types of pumps used in the water and wastewater systems.

We will also learn about piston, diaphragm, and peristaltic pumps, along with progressive cavity, rotating piston, and rotary vane pumps among others?  Learn what you need to know about high head and low flow applications it is difficult to beat positive displacement, but there are drawbacks also.  We’ll cover the applications and proper usage of these mighty pumps.

Whether your preference is diaphragm or peristaltic, learn about operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of these pumps in Water and Wastewater treatment.  You will also be able to determine which pumps will work best in your application and which pumps to avoid.  Also we will discuss calculating doses and setting the controls of the equipment.

If time allows and attendees bring with them either a diaphragm or peristaltic chemical feed pump with a rebuild kit, we can provide some hands on experience.


Event Details

12 Apr 2018
Time: 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Members: $135
Non-Members: $210
Mountain Home Public Library, 790 N 10th E, Mountain Home, ID, United States

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