IRWA Board of Directors

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Robert Dial


Region IV
Term Expires in March 2020
City of Firth

Beau Ziemer

Vice-President, Awards Committee Chair

Region II, At Large
Term Expires in March 2021
City of New Plymouth

AJ Gray

Secretary/Treasurer, Legislative Director

Region III
Term Expires in March 2020
City of Buhl


Brad Andersen

Director, Conference Committee Chair

Region IV, At Large
Term Expires in March 2020
City of Iona


Bob Culver

National Director (Term Expires in September 2020), Training Committee Chair

Region III, At Large
Term Expires in March 2021
City of Jerome

Kevin McLeod

Director, IRWA Support Services and Building Committee Chair

Region II
Term Expires in March 2021
City of Star



Dan Messier


Region I
Term Expires in March 2020
North Kootenai Water & Sewer District


Board Member Eligibility

  • All Board of Directors positions are for a two year term.
  • No director is entitled to compensation except for reimbursement of reasonable expenses for Association business.
  • No former Association employee whose employment has been terminated for cause shall be eligible for election to the Board of Directors.
  • No person may become an employee if he/she is a member of the Board of Directors of IRWA or at least one hundred eighty-two (182) days has expired from the time he/she was last a member of the Board of Directors of IRWA.

Region I – Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Benewah, Shoshone, Latah, Clearwater, Lewis, Nez Perce and Idaho counties

Region II – Adams, Valley, Washington, Boise, Gem, Payette, Canyon, Elmore, Ada and Owyhee counties

Region III – Camas, Blaine, Butte, Gooding, Lincoln, Minidoka, Jerome, Twin Falls, Cassia, Lemhi and Custer counties

Region IV – Clark, Fremont, Jefferson, Madison, Teton, Bonneville, Bingham, Bannock, Caribou, Power, Oneida, Franklin and Bear Lake counties

At-Large – Anywhere in Idaho

Duties of the Board of Directors

  • To conduct and supervise the affairs of the Association, including the designation of committees.
  • To take charge of and be responsible for the property of the Association’s finances and the proceedings of the Association.
  • To initiate, supervise, and approve plans and programs designed to achieve the objectives and purposes of the Association.
  • To implement policies, programs or plans adopted at the annual meeting of the members.
  • To determine policies of the Association consistent with the objectives and purposes of the Association as set out in the Articles of Incorporation.
  • To provide for and attend annual and special meetings of the Association.
  • To arrange for the annual audit of the Association by a certified public accountant.
  • To provide for the dissemination of information to the members and to the public, as may be needed to provide suitable publicity for the work and status of the Association.

Join the IRWA Board of Directors

If you’re interested in joining the IRWA Board of Directors, we’d love to hear from you! Our board members are vital to IRWA’s success, helping us achieve our mission of providing technical assistance, training, and a strong representative voice for the benefit of Idaho’s water and wastewater systems. We welcome fresh perspectives and your enthusiasm to get more involved with the Association.

Submitted Your Candidacy

To submit your candidacy, please download a Board of Directors Candidate Interest Form. Email the completed form and a candidate photo to Elections are held every March at our Annual Business Meeting, held during the Annual Spring Conference. Candidacy submissions are accepted as late as the Annual Business Meeting.

Advertise Your Candidacy

The Water Gram: If we receive your form by November 24th, your candidacy will be printed in the winter edition of our quarterly magazine and be posted on our website.

The IRWA Website: If we receive your form by February 28th, your candidacy will be posted on our website.

2020 Board of Directors Candidate Profiles

Dan Messier

System representing: North Kootenai Water & Sewer District
Title: Field Supervisor
Seat/region you are running for: Region I

My name is Dan Messier. I am currently employed by North Kootenai Water and Sewer District as a Field Supervisor over the Wastewater Department. I have been a water and wastewater Operator for the last 23 years. I started my career as a wastewater operator in California and since then I have worked for several agencies from big to small. I have been in my current position for the last 11.5 years. I also serve on the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licensing Board of Drinking Water and Wastewater professionals, I have been a director for the last 4.5 years. I also currently serve on the IRWA apprenticeship training committee. I have been published in the Water Environment federation journal and presented at local and regional conferences. I currently hold a Bachelors degree in Management and Finance. I am currently certified as a Drinking Water Distribution Operator III, Drinking Water Treatment Operator II, Wastewater Treatment Operator IV, Wastewater Collections Operator 3 and hold certifications in Wastewater Lab and Wastewater Land Application. I believe my knowledge and experience in both water and wastewater give me a good background that would make a good fit as Director on the IRWA Board.
I have a firm belief that we as water and wastewater professionals have a duty to help train those coming up behind us, our profession is continually evolving, and it takes organizations like IRWA to help train operators and to provide assistance to local and state leaders. This industry is at a crossroads as operators start to retire and new operators take these positions, IRWA needs to be ready to help these new operators and to advocate for them and the systems they represent as we face an ever-increasing number of new rules and regulations and new technologies.

AJ Gray

System representing: City of Buhl
Title: Superintendent
Seat/region you are running for: Region III

I was born and raised in Vermont. I joined the Navy right out of high school and retired after 20 years of service as a Chief Petty Officer. I settled in Buhl after my naval career and started working as a meter reader/water operator for Buhl in February 2005. In June 2013 I was promoted to Water Superintendent of Buhl (Class II arsenic removal treatment plant), and I hold Water Distribution Class II, Water Treatment Class II, and Backflow Assembly Tester licenses.
I am the Water Operator in charge at three other municipalities: Castleford (Class II arsenic removal treatment plant), Hollister, and Rogerson. I have a great understanding of what small communities are facing with aging water and wastewater systems, how to fund replacement/repair them, and how to save money. I was instrumental with Castleford’s $1.2 million wastewater upgrade, providing input to the engineering firm and contractors. I’ve reduced Buhl’s water budget by 18%, Rogerson’s by 21%, and Castleford’s by 9%. I am a strong supporter of IRWA career training. All personnel working with me have more than double the required CEUs and complete license requirements in the minimal amount of time.
I am here to serve! I believe that IRWA is a vital component for the water and wastewater industries. Formal classroom training and IRWA Support Services are valuable resources. I want to keep it that way. I bring to the Board not just one place of experience but four. I operate four municipalities’ water systems in Region III. It would be an honor to serve on the IRWA Board of Directors.

I am also the Chairman of the Vietnam War Commemorative Partner Program Committee.

Working in the Water and Wastewater field is very rewarding, knowing that you are providing the public with clean and safe drinking water. I feel that being on the IRWA and NRWA Board(s), I have grown as a person after having the opportunity to give input and be involved in Idaho water and wastewater issues throughout the state and nationallyWith my many years of experience that I have gained by being on the City of Jerome Council, Idaho and National Rural Water Board will help keep the association growing and financially strong. I am excited and look forward to the day when we have the new IRWA Building completed.

Robert Dial

System representing: City of Firth
Title: Public Works Director
Seat/region you are running for: Region IV

The City of Firth has trusted me to serve as the Public Works Director for 45 years. Firth has a population of 500 with 159 service connections. In my role as Public Works Director, I serve as the water operator (Class I Treatment) and sewer operator (Class I Treatment, Class I Collections) as well as city clerk. I also provide the services of garbage collection and street and parks maintenance.
I have had the privilege to serve on the IRWA Board of Directors for 12 years as Secretary/Treasurer and I currently serve as the Board’s President. During this time I have witnessed a lot of change all of which has helped move the Association forward. Presently, the IRWA Board is pursuing a number of programs to help Idaho’s water and wastewater systems. I would like to see the good ideas get off the ground and begin to benefit Idaho’s systems. I believe small systems like the City of Firth need to hold a voice on the IRWA Board of Directors.

Brad Andersen

System representing: Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
Title: Water Operator
Seat/region you are running for: At-Large

My name is Brad Andersen and I am running for the Idaho Rural Water Association Board of Directors. I have been on the board for the past couple of years and would love to continue serving the membership of Idaho Rural Water.

Some of my experience that I feel qualify me to represent you on the Board of Directors are as follows:
I work at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) for 30 years as the Drinking Water Program Manager overseeing the water systems at the INL and being their licensed drinking water operator.

For the past 20 years I have had drinking water business that I work with approximately 40 small water systems doing their sampling and reporting.

Also, for the past 10 years I have been teaching drinking water and cross connection classes for Idaho Rural Water.

I am a licensed drinking water operator and a license backflow tester. In addition I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Health from Brigham Young University and his Masters in Environmental Science from the University of Idaho.

I have been married for 37 years and have four daughters, two grandsons (twins) and 3 granddaughters. I enjoy fishing and the great outdoors of Idaho.

It would be an honor to be re-elected to the board of directors serving my fellow operators. I consider the operators and members of Idaho Rural Water Association as the salt of the world. You all are down to earth people and I enjoy knowing and working with you all.

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