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Robert Dial

Robert Dial


Region IV
Term Expires in March 2020
City of Firth
Beau Ziemer

Beau Ziemer

Vice-President, Awards Committee Chair

Region II, At Large
Term Expires in March 2021
City of New Plymouth
AJ Gray

AJ Gray

Secretary/Treasurer, Legislative Director

Region III
Term Expires in March 2020
City of Buhl

Brad Anderson

Brad Andersen

Director, Conference Committee Chair

Region IV, At Large
Term Expires in March 2020
City of Iona

Bob Culver

Bob Culver

National Director (Term Expires in September 2020), Training Committee Chair

Region III, At Large
Term Expires in March 2021
City of Jerome
Kevin McLeod

Kevin McLeod

Director, IRWA Support Services and Building Committee Chair

Region II
Term Expires in March 2021
City of Star


Dan Messier

Dan Messier


Region I
Term Expires in March 2020
North Kootenai Water & Sewer District


Board Member Eligibility

  • All Board of Directors positions are for a two year term.
  • No director is entitled to compensation except for reimbursement of reasonable expenses for Association business.
  • No former Association employee whose employment has been terminated for cause shall be eligible for election to the Board of Directors.
  • No person may become an employee if he/she is a member of the Board of Directors of IRWA or at least one hundred eighty-two (182) days has expired from the time he/she was last a member of the Board of Directors of IRWA.

Region I – Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Benewah, Shoshone, Latah, Clearwater, Lewis, Nez Perce and Idaho counties

Region II – Adams, Valley, Washington, Boise, Gem, Payette, Canyon, Elmore, Ada and Owyhee counties

Region III – Camas, Blaine, Butte, Gooding, Lincoln, Minidoka, Jerome, Twin Falls, Cassia, Lemhi and Custer counties

Region IV – Clark, Fremont, Jefferson, Madison, Teton, Bonneville, Bingham, Bannock, Caribou, Power, Oneida, Franklin and Bear Lake counties

At-Large – Anywhere in Idaho

Duties of the Board of Directors

  • To conduct and supervise the affairs of the Association, including the designation of committees.
  • To take charge of and be responsible for the property of the Association’s finances and the proceedings of the Association.
  • To initiate, supervise, and approve plans and programs designed to achieve the objectives and purposes of the Association.
  • To implement policies, programs or plans adopted at the annual meeting of the members.
  • To determine policies of the Association consistent with the objectives and purposes of the Association as set out in the Articles of Incorporation.
  • To provide for and attend annual and special meetings of the Association.
  • To arrange for the annual audit of the Association by a certified public accountant.
  • To provide for the dissemination of information to the members and to the public, as may be needed to provide suitable publicity for the work and status of the Association.

Join the IRWA Board of Directors

If you’re interested in joining the IRWA Board of Directors, we’d love to hear from you! Our board members are vital to IRWA’s success, helping us achieve our mission of providing technical assistance, training, and a strong representative voice for the benefit of Idaho’s water and wastewater systems. We welcome fresh perspectives and your enthusiasm to get more involved with the Association.

Submitted Your Candidacy

To submit your candidacy, please download a Board of Directors Candidate Interest Form. Email the completed form and a candidate photo to Elections are held every March at our Annual Business Meeting, held during the Annual Spring Conference. Candidacy submissions are accepted as late as the Annual Business Meeting.

Advertise Your Candidacy

The Water Gram: If we receive your form by November 24th, your candidacy will be printed in the winter edition of our quarterly magazine and be posted on our website.

The IRWA Website: If we receive your form by February 28th, your candidacy will be posted on our website.

2019 Board of Directors Candidate Profiles

Kevin McLeod

Kevin McLeod

System representing: Star Sewer and Water District
Title: Water Manager
Seat/region you are running for: Region II

As an operator for the City of Weiser, I learned about IRWA and the training opportunities. Training is an essential part of becoming a good operator. I spent four years with the City where I earned my Class 2 Distribution, Class 2 Water Treatment and Bat licenses. When I left the City, I went to work for IRWA as the second Circuit Rider and continued with them for over eighteen years. I have working knowledge of how IRWA’s Board and Staff work to get the invaluable training out to the many Operators in Idaho.

I now work for Star Sewer and Water District and would like to continue to assist IRWA in their commitment to Idaho Water and Wastewater Operators. I will also now be relying on the expertise, knowledge and training that IRWA provides.

As a Circuit Rider, I have been involved in many changes at IRWA. Some more challenging than others but, most of these changes have been positive ones. I would like to serve on the Board of Directors to help ensure that these changes continue to flourish. My years of experience with IRWA has provided me with a large network of people and organizations that I can utilize to help IRWA continue to grow.

As a CR I was limited to what I could do by the contract I was under. As a Board Member I feel I would have more freedom to reach out to some of these people.

The main reason for being on the Board is to give back to IRWA and to continue to help the many systems and friends I have visited over the years.

Robert (Bob) Culver

System representing: City of Jerome
Title: City Council
Seat/region you are running for: At-Large

My name is Robert (Bob) Culver

I have been married to my wife Carolyn for 47 years, we have 3 boys and 6 Grandchildren. I started my career in the water and wastewater field while I was in the Navy, I worked on water pumps, steam valves and valves of all types. I am a Vietnam Veteran. When I was honorably discharged from the Navy, I worked at two or three different jobs that I didn’t like. I started working for the City of Jerome in the parks department then transferred to the water department.  I became involved with the Idaho Rural Water Association in the early to mid-1980s when there was only 5 or 6 people attending the meeting.

I worked for the City of Jerome for 32 years and retired in 2007.  In January 2008, I was sworn into office as a City Council Member.  I have been on the City of Jerome Council for 11 years, I have been Council President for 8 years. I am on the Board of Directors for the Idaho Rural Water Association, the National Director for the Idaho Rural Association. I hold 2 State of Idaho Water Licenses.

I completed the State Board Training that is required by the National Rural Water Association.

I was recently elected to the new Municipal Water Use Committee, Legislative Committee, Environmental Committee and Water Reuse Committee for the Association of Idaho Cities.

I am on the Board of Directors for Region 4 Development Corporation.

I am also the Chairman of the Vietnam War Commemorative Partner Program Committee.

Working in the Water and Wastewater field is very rewarding, knowing that you are providing the public with clean and safe drinking water. I feel that being on the IRWA and NRWA Board(s), I have grown as a person after having the opportunity to give input and be involved in Idaho water and wastewater issues throughout the state and nationallyWith my many years of experience that I have gained by being on the City of Jerome Council, Idaho and National Rural Water Board will help keep the association growing and financially strong. I am excited and look forward to the day when we have the new IRWA Building completed.

 I am running again for an at large position on the Idaho Rural Water Board and I would appreciate your support and vote.

Beau Ziemer

System representing: City of New Plymouth
Title: Public Works Superintendent
Seat/region you are running for: At-Large

I started work with the City of New Plymouth in May 1999 and was appointed Public Works Superintendent in November 2000. I am a Certified Wastewater Treatment Lagoon operator, a Certified Wastewater Collection Level 2 operator, and a Certified Water Distribution Level 2 operator.

Throughout my career in public works I have worked with federal and state legislators, as well as agencies such as FEMA, EPA, Idaho Department of Lands, and IDEQ. I work closely with these agencies and individuals to remain current with laws and rules. I participate in the rule-making process when possible. It is important to me to assure small rural communities have a voice. My system has received a variety of awards from Idaho Rural Water, including IRWA Wastewater System of the Year in 2009. In addition, the operators who work under me as well as myself have received special recognition for our dedication to our community. I was awarded IRWA Water Operator of the Year in 2010.

I have participated in many utility rate reviews and analyses serving as Public Works Superintendent. I previously held a seat on the Idaho Rural Water Board of Directors (2013 to 2015), as well as my current term and have represented Idaho’s rural communities in Washington DC.

I am running for a position on the IRWA board simply to help maintain the level of service that our rural water systems receive as IRWA members. During my previous time on the board I was proud to serve the membership, and to be directly involved in the start-up of IRWA Support Services, LLC. This program will help IRWA keep Circuit Rider positions in water and wastewater regardless of government funding. One of my goals as your board member would be to help this program excel while protecting and maintaining the benefits of being an IRWA member.

Kelly West

System representing: City of Bellevue
Title: Water Superintendent
Seat/region you are running for: At-Large

My name is Kelly A West I have been involved in the water and wastewater field since 2003. I have been married to my lovely wife for 17 years, I have raised 6 children and now have 9 grandchildren, the water and wastewater field has given me and my family a decent life, I am happy to be involved in this field of work. I am a Class III Water Distribution operator and a Class I Wastewater Collection Operator and testing for my Class I Wastewater Treatment. I live in Hailey, Idaho where I spent the first 10 years of my water world. I have since moved to the city of Bellevue Idaho Where I am the current Water Superintendent. I have been involved with Idaho Rural Water since the beginning of my water career. I feel I would be a good candidate for the board. I also have the backing of my mayor and council to run and fulfill this position.

I am interested in running for the board so that I can have a vote in things as they change, help to make a difference and help to bring the best knowledge I can possibly provide to our board of directors. With the full backing of our Mayor and Council I will be able to attend all of the meetings and events that are asked of me.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

2019 Annual Business Meeting Documents

If you are unable to attend the 2019 Annual Business Meeting on March 13th in Boise, you can still make your voice heard! Please find a letter from the IRWA Board President, Bruce Evans, explaining your voting rights and process below. You will also find an Absentee Ballot Form, Voter Delegate Registration Form, and the Annual Membership Report. Absentee Ballot Forms will be accepted through March 1, 2019. If you have any questions, please contact the IRWA office at (208) 343-7001 or

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